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Genetics & Cannabis: Backcross, F1, IBL, Reverse & More…

Genetics and Cannabis: Backcross, F1, IBL, Reverse and Other Terms

Welcome everyone to this new blog post on definitions of Backcross, F1, IBL, Reverse Male and other Cannabis genetic terms! After having seen the Guide on how to create autoflowering Cannabis seeds, fasten your seatbelts for this new article signed by the staff of Annibale Seedshop!

Introduction to Cannabis Genetic Terms:

Welcome to our complete cannabis genetics guide. In this article, we will explore the genetic field of cannabis and the key terms used in this area. Understanding these concepts will allow you to gain insight into cannabis strains and their genetic characteristics.

Read on to find out the meaning and description of terms like backcross, F1, IBL, inverted male, S1, landrace and recessive genes.

Genetica Ibl F1 S1 Bx Backcross Cannabis Erba Marijuana (1)

Cannabis backcross

Backcrossing is a crossing technique that involves mating a hybrid plant with one of its original parents or with a plant that possesses specific desired characteristics. The goal of backcrossing is to re-introduce the desired traits into the progeny while retaining some of the genetic characteristics of the original plant.

F1 Cannabis Seeds

The term F1 (first filial generation) refers to the offspring resulting from crossing two different plants. F1 plants inherit half of their genes from each parent, creating a unique combination of genetic characteristics. F1 plants often exhibit superior genetic vigor and stability than later plants.

IBL (Inbred Line)

The IBL, acronym for Inbred Line, indicates a line of cannabis plants obtained through repeated crosses between individuals of the same genetic line. The goal is to stabilize and preserve specific genetic characteristics over the generations. IBL plants are often considered to be very stable and uniform in their characteristics.

Marijuana Inverted Female

Inverted female is a female cannabis plant that undergoes a treatment to produce male flowers that contain pollen. This process occurs through the application of hormones or other genetic manipulation techniques. The pollen produced by the inverted female can be used for the pollination of other female plants, resulting in feminized seeds.

Seeds S1

The term S1 refers to a self-fertilised line, i.e. a female plant that is self-pollinated. This process creates offspring that retain the genetic characteristics of the mother plant. S1 individuals are often stable and uniform in their phenotypic expression.

Landrace Hemp Plants

The term landrace refers to cannabis strains that have been grown naturally and isolated in a specific geographic region over a long period of time. These varieties often exhibit unique characteristics adapted to the specific environmental conditions of their area of origin. Landrace strains are considered valuable for the conservation of genetic diversity.

Recessive genes

Recessive genes are genes that are present in a plant’s DNA but do not manifest in its phenotypic characteristics unless inherited from both parents. These genes can be passed on to offspring without being immediately visible, but can emerge in subsequent generations when specific crosses occur.

Firstclass F1 Annibale Genetics

Firstclass F1 – Annibale Genetics


Cannabis genetics is a fascinating field that requires a thorough understanding of key terms and concepts. Knowing the meaning and description of terms like backcross, F1, IBL, invert male, S1, landrace and recessive genes will allow you to explore and appreciate the genetic diversity of cannabis.

Continue to learn more and experiment with different strains to discover the genetic traits that appeal to you about growing cannabis.


And this post on the Genetic Definitions of Cannabis comes to an end, hoping to have been of help to you, see you in the next article!

Greetings from the Annibale Seedshop Team!


Davide V, CEO, Founder & Geneticist