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Bubblegum: Taste and Effect of an Oldschool Weed Strain!

Bubblegum: History, Taste and Effects of an Oldschool Cannabis Strain!

Welcome everyone to this new chapter of our blog about the history, taste and effects of the oldschool Cannabis strain Bubblegum! After seeing the History, Taste and Effects of Bubba Kush, fasten your seatbelts for this new article by Annibale Seedshop on this Cannabis Strain!

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Introduction to Bubblegum Weed Strain

The Bubblegum variety is one of the most loved in the cannabis world. In this article, we’ll explore its continued popularity, its origin, who invented it, and its genetics. We will examine its fascinating history, unique taste, aroma, terpene composition and desirable effects.

We will also discuss the relationship between THC and CBD and the most common seed banks that offer these particular seeds. Finally, we will analyze the prices of seeds and buds in the legal and illegal market.

The popularity of the variety

This is still one of the most popular strains today, thanks to its distinctive qualities and unique taste profile. Cannabis growers and aficionados appreciate Bubblegum for her sweet and fruity aroma, pleasant effects, and ability to induce a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Despite the emergence of new strains over the years, Bubble continues to have a loyal following and to be a popular choice among cannabis users.

Bubblegum Origin and inventor

Bubblegum was created in the 1980s in the United States, but its exact origin is still a matter of debate. However, its inventor is believed to be a cannabis grower named “Breeder Steve”. Using his genetic knowledge, he crossed several strains to create the Bubblegum we know today.

Its exact genetics have been kept a secret for many years, but are thought to include strains such as Indiana Bubblegum, Big Skunk and Northern Lights.

Bubblegum History and legends

The Bubble has a fascinating history surrounding its creation and dissemination. Its inventor is said to be Breeder Steve, and he worked hard to perfect the genetics and create a variety that has a bubblegum-like taste.

Bubblegum quickly gained popularity in the 1990s due to its unique taste profile and pleasant effects. Its history is shrouded in legends and stories of growers who have tried to preserve its original genetics.

Taste, aroma and composition of Bubblegum terpenes

This strain offers a sweet and fruity, bubblegum-like taste with undertones of strawberry, cherry and sweet spice. Its aroma is equally inviting, with hints of fresh fruit and a sweet, floral note.

The terpene composition includes terpenes such as myrcene, which contributes to its sweet and relaxing aroma, and limonene, which adds a citrus note to the overall taste profile.

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Effects and recommended uses of Bubblegum

Bubblegum is known for its relaxing and refreshing effects. It is ideal for relaxing after a long day or for reducing stress and tension. Its balanced nature makes it suitable for both daytime and evening use. Many users appreciate her for her happy and uplifting effect, which can relieve stress and improve mood.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the effects can vary from individual to individual, so it is advisable to start with low doses and adjust the intake according to personal tolerance.

Bubblegum THC and CBD ratio

The Bubble is generally considered to be a high THC strain, with levels typically exceeding 15-20%. The CBD content is generally low, but can vary depending on the specific phenotyping or genetic variations. This contributes to its potency and psychoactive effects that characterize it.

Main Seedbanks offering Bubblegum seeds

This is a very popular strain and therefore is available from several seed banks. Some of the more common seedbanks offering seeds from this strain of cannabis include 420 Fastbud, Royal Queen Seeds, and a few others.

Bubblegum Prices in the legal and illegal market

Seed prices may vary depending on the producer and the amount of seeds included in the package. In the legal market, you can expect to pay between €10 and €20 for a single seed. However, many seed banks also offer multi-packs that allow you to purchase more seeds for a slightly lower price per unit.

As for the price of Bubblegum buds, it can vary considerably depending on availability and current legislation. In the legal market, the price of a gram of this herb can range from 10 to 20 euros. However, in the illegal market, prices can be higher and can vary based on many factors such as quality, location and availability.


Bottom line, Bubblegum is a beloved strain in the cannabis world due to its sweet and fruity taste, relaxing effects, and fascinating history. It’s a popular choice for those looking for a balanced strain with a unique flavor profile. Seed banks offer a variety of options for those looking to grow this epic strain at home.

However, it is important to keep in mind that availability and prices may vary depending on the market and legality. Bubble continues to be a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate its combination of taste, effects and history.

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And this article about the fantastic Cannabis Bubble Gum variety ends here, we hope that we have been of help to you, see you in the next article!

Greetings from the Annibale Seedshop Team!



Davide V, CEO, Founder & Geneticist