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Durban Poison: Story of a Native African Champion Weed!

Durban Poison Strain: History, Taste and Effects of a Landrace Cannabis Variety!

Welcome everyone to this new chapter of our blog about the history, taste and psychedelic high of the sought after cannabis strain Durban Poison! After having seen the History, Taste and Effects of Blue Dream, get ready for this new article by Annibale Seedshop on African weed par excellence!

Durban Poison Cannabis Erba Gusto Effetti Prezzo Costo Semi

What is Durban Weed Strain?

Durban Poison is a sativa cannabis variety originating from South Africa. It was introduced to the Netherlands during the 1970s where it was further developed and cultivated to create the modern strains we know today. Durban has been recognized for its unique characteristics and uplifting, cerebral high.

Reasons for its popularity

Poison’s popularity comes from her ability to provide a euphoric and uplifting experience. It is known for its stimulating effect on the mind, which can improve creativity, concentration and mood. She is a popular choice with users looking for a powerful and motivating cerebral high.

Durban Poison History

The history of Durban Poison is linked to Africa and the region of Durban, South Africa, from which it takes its name. It has been cultivated for centuries by Zulu tribes in the Durban region for its stimulating and medicinal properties.

In the 1970s, a Dutch breeder named Ed Rosenthal discovered this amazing variety on a trip to South Africa and brought the seeds back to the Netherlands. Subsequently, the Poison was bred and bred to create the strains we know today.

Durban Poison Flavors and Taste

This cannabis strain is also distinguished by its unique flavor and aroma profile. It has a sweet and spicy taste, with notes of citrus and earth. The aroma is intense and recognizable, with hints of pine, spices and a touch of sweetness.

Durban Poison Terpene composition

Terpene-wise, Durban is rich in terpenes such as terpinol, ocimene, and myrcene. These terpenes contribute to her unique flavor profile and can influence the effects she produces.

Durban Poison Cannabis Weed Marijuana Gusto Effetti Prezzo Costo Semi

Durban Poison Effects

The effects of Durban Poison are mainly cerebral and uplifting. She is often described as a strain that induces a feeling of mental clarity, euphoria and mood elevation. This strain is suitable for use during the day when mental stimulation and social activities are desired. It can also be helpful for boosting creativity and relieving stress.

Durban Poison THC and CBD values

As for the THC-CBD ratio, Poison is known to have a high THC content, which can range from 15% to 25% or more. The CBD content is generally very low, less than 1%.

Seedbanks selling Durban Poison seeds

The most common seedbanks that have released Durban Poison seeds include Dutch Passion, Sensi Seeds, Barney’s Farm and many others. These seedbanks are dedicated to preserving and enhancing Durban genetics, ensuring the availability of high quality seeds for cannabis enthusiasts.

Durban Poison VS Green Poison

It is important to distinguish between Durban Poison and Green Poison, as they are different varieties. Green Poison is a Spanish hybrid strain developed by Sweet Seeds. While both strains can have uplifting effects, Durban is known for its cerebral and motivating character, while Green Poison has more relaxing and sedative effects.

Durban Poison Prices of seeds and flowers

When it comes to the price of Durban seeds and buds, it’s important to consider that prices can vary greatly depending on the market and the legality of cannabis in your geographic area. In the legal market, seeds can have a price ranging from 5 to 15 euros per seed, depending on the producer and the quality.

Durban Poison buds in the legal market can range from 10 to 20 euros per gram. However, in the illegal market, prices can be higher and subject to fluctuations. It is always advisable to comply with local laws and buy from reputable and legal sources.

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Durban Poison remains one of the most popular and cherished landrace landrace strains in the cannabis world. Her fascinating history, unique flavor and aroma profile, uplifting and cerebral effects, and availability from several seed banks make her an excellent choice for cannabis lovers looking for a powerful and energizing experience.


And for this article on the heavenly variety of Marijuana Durban Poison is everything, we hope to have been of help to you, see you in the next article!

Greetings from the Annibale Seedshop Team!



Davide V, CEO, Founder & Geneticist