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Purple Punch: History, Taste and Effects of a True Power!

Purple Punch Strain: History, Taste and Effects of the Most Famous Cannabis Punch!

Welcome everyone to this new chapter of our blog about the history, taste and inevitable effects of the iconic cannabis strain Purple Punch! After having seen History, Taste and Effects of Jack Herer, get ready for this new article signed by Annibale Seedshop!

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Introducing Purple Punch: The Violent Weed Strain!

Purple Punch is one of the most loved and famous cannabis strains in the world. In this article, we’ll explore what this marijuna strain is, why it’s still so popular today, where it was created, and who invented it.

We will also discover the history of this variety, its taste, its smell, its composition of terpenes, the effects it offers and the relationship between THC and CBD. We will also discuss the most common seed banks that have released seeds of this marijuana strain and conclude with the legal and illegal market prices (seeds and buds).

What is Purple Punch Cannabis Strain and what are the reasons for its popularity?

Purple Punch is a cannabis strain that has gained considerable popularity due to its combination of potency, delicious aroma and striking colour. She is valued for her relaxing and calming effects, making her an ideal choice for those seeking a moment of tranquility and relaxation.

Its visual beauty, with deep purple hues permeating its flowers, contributes to its fame and enduring appeal.

Purple Punch Origins and Invention

Purple Punch was created by crossing two famous strains, Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG. This strain was developed by a cannabis breeder known as Supernova Gardens.

The combination of the unique characteristics of these two genetics gave birth to this splendor, which quickly gained a reputation for excellence in the cannabis world.

Purple Punch History

Purple Punch was first introduced to the US cannabis scene, and her fame quickly spread around the world. This variety has caught the attention of cannabis lovers due to its intense flavor profile and relaxing effect.

Over the years, Purple has continued to gain popularity due to her combination of attractive looks, delicious taste, and potency.

Purple Punch Cannabis Weed Gusto Effetti Prezzo Costo Semi

Taste, Smell and Composition of Purple Punch Terpenes

This cannabis strain is loved for its sweet and fruity taste, reminiscent of notes of ripe grapes and juicy berries. It has an intense and persistent flavor that delights the senses of cannabis connoisseurs. The smell of this strain is equally inviting, with a fruity and floral scent that blends with sweet undertones.

Purple Punch’s terpene composition is characterized by a combination of flavor profiles. Some of the terpenes present include myrcene, which contributes a fruity and relaxing aroma, beta-caryophyllene, which offers spicy notes, and limonene, which gives a touch of freshness and citrus.

Purple Punch Effects and Recommended Use

The effects of Purple Punch are mainly focused on the feeling of relaxation and tranquility. This strain is often used to calm the mind and body, providing an experience of serenity and relaxation. It is particularly suitable for evening or night use, when you want to relax after a busy day’s work or help you sleep.

Purple Punch THC and CBD ratio

Purple is known for its high THC content. Most Purple Punch strains have THC content ranging between 18% and 20%. However, the CBD content is generally low, with amounts hovering around 1% or less.

Major Seedbanks selling Purple Punch seeds

The popularity of this DOC weed strain has led many cannabis seed banks to include this strain in their catalogue. Some of the more common seedbanks that have released this strain seeds include Barney’s Farm, Humboldt Seed Organization, and Royal Queen Seeds.

Legal and Illegal Market Purple Punch Prices of seeds and flowers

Seed prices may vary depending on the producer and quantity of seeds purchased. In general, prices can fluctuate between 5 and 15 euros for a single seed, depending on the quality and rarity.

As for the price of Purple Punch bud, whether in the legal or illegal market, it depends on various factors, including quality, geographic region, and availability. In general, in a legal market, the price per gram can vary from 15 to 25 euros, while in the illegal market the price can be higher, given the popularity and demand.

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This variety is a cannabis strain loved for its attractive appearance, delicious taste and relaxing effects. Its popularity continues to grow due to its combination of potency and sweetness. With its fascinating history, unique flavor profile and relaxing effects, Purple remains a favorite strain of cannabis lovers everywhere.


And for this article on the famous Weed Punch that’s really all, hoping to have been of help, see you in the next article!

Greetings from the Annibale Seedshop Team!



Davide V, CEO, Founder & Geneticist