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AK Autoflower – Fast Buds 420


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AK Auto by Fast Buds 420 is one of the toughest autoflowering strains in the world. She can be grown indoors or outdoors and withstands all environments thanks to her purebred genetics!

Additional information

Genetic Type

Hybrid, Ruderalis

Harvest Time

10-12 Weeks, 8-10 Weeks

Harvest Yield

400-500g/ m2, 500-600g / m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Autoflowering Seed


High THC (20%), Very High THC (25%)

Where to Grow

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420 Fast Buds


“AK” Autoflower Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Fast Buds 420

AK Auto by Fast Buds 420 is one of the toughest autoflowering strains in the world. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and withstands all environments thanks to its purebred genetics. Original Auto AK is very easy to grow and perfect for beginners, has a THC level of up to 21% and will have long, dense buds in just 9 weeks that will have a citrusy pine aroma.

Despite her sativa influence, this plant is a foolproof hybrid for those who need a solid and fast strain that is also suitable for commercial growers.

Description of the buds

The AK Original Car has that attractive old school look that shines thanks to the surprising amount of silver resin. The buds will have an elongated shape typical of sativa strains, with neatly clustered calyxes and one gram looks huge.

Fast Buds 420 AK Auto effect

Thanks to the sativa dominance, the effects will be energizing, uplifting and uplifting. The hit is not too intense and starts with a body sensation. Highly recommended for being creative, focused, motivated, energetic and alert, or just to spend an evening in good company.

This young lady is great for keeping you organized and spending a long day at work, when you have a big to-do list or for the modern visionary.

Appearance of the plant

AK Auto from Fast Buds 420 takes just 63 days from seed to harvest. This autoflowering hybrid has maximum resistance to plant diseases and produces excellent results in harsh conditions. The Original Auto AK will have long, stubby buds that extend along the branches.

It grows very homogeneously, so plants can be grown together and yields of up to 400-500gr / m2 can be expected.

Growth tips

As the name suggests, you can keep turning this autoflowering hybrid several times a year, with exceptional results with very little concern for mold or powdery mildew. Growers living in humid climates or short summers can benefit from Original Auto AK’s rapid growth, rich flavors and long-lasting effects.

Thanks to its short stature, we recommend planting this variety for those who want to remain discreet, as it is easily camouflaged.

Your buds will have a compact, spiky feature where resin hides and spreads to surrounding leaves, so make sure you have a bucket ready when harvest time comes.

Fast Buds 420 AK Auto flavor

Fans of earthy, floral and pine terpenes will love this hybrid, as it can be described as a mix of old-school, earthy touches with spice and woody pine and a hint of citrus lemon. When you smoke it, the scent of a burning joint will fill the air with a fragrance of fresh forest, flowers and lemon.

More info on Ak Autoflowering by 420 Fast Buds

  • An extremely resistant plant. It can produce up to 500gr / m2 in 63 days, even in difficult conditions.
  • Genetic pedigree. Thanks to excellent genetics, this strain can withstand the toughest environments with ease.
  • Just like old times. The classic mix of lemon and fresh forest will take you back to the old days.
  • For Sativa lovers. Expect an incredibly uplifting high in just one puff!
  • Sparkling peaks. Insanely resinous flowers that sparkle from afar, grabbing everyone’s attention!
  • Flawless genetics with a boost. An improved version, expect only the best but refined traits.