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Skunk #1 Feminized – White Label Seeds


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White Label Skunk # 1 Feminized is potent, tough and very productive. The first stable cannabis hybrid, Skunk # 1, changed the cannabis industry forever. It is considered indestructible. And rightly so.

“Skunk #1” Feminized Cannabis Seeds – White Label Seeds

Skunk #1 Feminized by White Label Seeds is potent, tough and very productive. The first stable cannabis hybrid, Skunk # 1, changed the cannabis industry forever. It is considered indestructible. And rightly so.

Even beginners can’t really go wrong with this strain.

About Skunk #1 Feminized by White Label

White Label Seeds Skunk # 1 feminized seeds produce very robust female hybrid plants (65% indica, 35% sativa). Even beginners can get great returns.

Cultivation of Skunk #1

Skunk # 1 Feminized comprises 65% indica genes and 35% sativa genes. This is the first successfully stabilized cannabis hybrid. Its origins go back to local varieties such as Afghani, Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold. Generations of intensive breeding and backcrossing were required before Skunk # 1 was born.

Only the best examples were considered. The result is clear: For breeders, Skunk # 1 sets the standard for consistent, reliable performance.

Flowering Skunk #1 Feminized

The dense buds and high yields of Skunk # 1 highlight the true meaning of hybrid potency. Although the plants grow taller than pure indicas, the growth and flowering are typically indicas. Which means: a short growing period is followed by an equally short flowering period of around 45-50 days.

Skunk #1 Feminized by White Label Seeds produces sturdy stems and buds to support their large yields. In small spaces between the branches, the shoots expand into finite formations of buds that develop into powerful, heavy buds until harvest. The sativa influence has a particular impact on the shape and structure of the buds.

Growing tips

In a sunny, warm climate, these seeds thrive outdoors in the fresh air. Indoors, these plants are undemanding. We regularly listen to people who make a lot of growing mistakes, but still get great results.

Skunk # 1 is suitable for more advanced growing methods such as Sea of ​​Green (SOG), Screen of Green (SCROG) and Lollipopping.

Effect, flavor and scent of Skunk #1 Feminized by White Label Seeds

The exceptional potency of this cannabis family is so well known that “skunk” is often used as an umbrella term for strong marijuana. The effect is best described as a combination of physical stone and intoxicating high – a typical hybrid then.

Small amounts trigger an active and animated high; larger quantities can turn it into a feeling of sedation.

The smell and taste of this strain is typically skunk: a mix of acidic and earthy notes. Some people like it, while others turn up their noses. Users report a sweet sharpness reminiscent of oldschool hashish.

Did you know?

  • Skunk #1 has won several Cannabis Cup awards. Skunk strains enjoy legendary status in the hip-hop scene. From the Wu-Tang Clan to Funkmaster Flex, Jay-Z and Eminem: Skunk is part of the standard vocabulary of some of the best known rappers.
Genetic Type


Harvest Time

6-8 Weeks

Harvest Yield

500-600g / m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Seed


White Label Seeds


Mid THC (15%)

Where to Grow

Greenhouse, Guerrilla, High Altitude, Indoor, Outdoor


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