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Skunk Auto – Fast Buds 420


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OG Kush Auto by Fast Buds 420 is easy to grow making her a good choice for novice growers. It has a relevant terpene profile consisting of pine, citrus with pungent flavors.
A true expression of the famous O.G Kush, this autoflowering hybrid will test up to 23% THC!

Additional information

Genetic Type

Hybrid, Ruderalis

Harvest Time

10-12 Weeks, 8-10 Weeks

Harvest Yield

400-500g/ m2, 500-600g / m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Autoflowering Seed


High THC (20%), Very High THC (25%)

Where to Grow

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420 Fast Buds


“Skunk” Autoflower Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Fast Buds 420

Fast Buds 420 Skunk Auto is the sweetest variety in the original Fastbud line and one of the fastest to be ready for harvest. A very easy to grow strain that reaches up to 20% THC. A tough and resistant autoflower that easily handles bad weather. Thanks to Skunk genetics, she is particularly suitable for growers who experience short summers and colder climates.

This mostly indica hybrid will only take 8 weeks to grow from seed to harvest, making her the number one choice for growers looking for a super fast, high yielding plant. It will give you an energetic hit with a well-balanced physical high.

Description of the tops

The buds of Auto Skunk are white and bright with pink and purple undertones, with abundant hairs of a strong electric orange. The buds are dense with a good size and the nice puffy calyxes release a fragrance of berries and candy. The aroma alone can give you a soft spot for how captivating it is.

Smoking report

Fast Buds 420’s Skunk Auto effects are quick and long lasting as this young lady will pamper you with a calming sensation. It’s not too heavy and will make you want to talk, laugh and instantly put you in a fun and carefree mood. Highly recommended for relaxing with friends, socializing or staying alert and optimistic during the day.

Appearance of plants

The plants will grow to an average height and finish in about 2 months. A quick producer that doesn’t waste any time, which means it’s a great strain for novice or commercial growers and those who plant outdoors and want a perpetual harvest throughout the year.

Expect a yield of 400-500gr / m2 and Original Auto Skunk will grow small golf balls, which turn white with resin and a purple hue, adding even more charm to her bag.

Growing tips

If it grows outdoors it is possible to get a harvest from this plant every two months, which means that it is possible to grow steadily from spring until the end of summer. Planting large numbers of seeds together will further improve yields, thanks to her uniform characteristics and compact shape making her a perfect strain for Sea of ​​Green set-ups.

It is extremely reliable outdoors and thanks to the short flowering period, you can be sure to produce fantastic results with little maintenance.

Fast Buds 420 Skunk Auto Taste

The flavor of this strain is special and will remind you of sweet candies with a touch of earth and floral. It can be described as a sweet candy shop with the typical old school Skunk flavor. It will probably be one of the sweetest autoflowering strains you’ve ever tried!

More info on Skunk Autoflowering by 420 Fast Buds

  • The fastest buds. Expect 500gr / m2 of display flowers in just 56 days!
  • Long lasting high. A calming effect that lasts for hours, so relax and enjoy.
  • Beautiful aesthetics. Frozen buds with pink and purple undertones, truly mesmerizing flowers.
  • Exceptionally resistant. It can be grown outdoors all year round with little maintenance, perfect for novice growers.
  • Skunk squared. Pungent, sweet and insanely smelly flowers, just getting better, but just like the old days.