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Dry Sift And Static Tech Hash

Dry Sift & Static Tech: New Hash Extraction Methods!

Static Tech & Drysift: New Hashish Production Methods

Welcome everyone to this new blog post about Drysift hash and Static Tech Hashish! After seeing the Best Indoor Cannabis Seeds, fasten your seatbelts for this new item by Annibale Seedshop for all the hashish lovers!

Drysift Static Tech Hash Cannabis Weed Marijuana

Introduction to new Hash production techniques:

In the world of cannabis concentrates, drysift hash and static tech are two popular extraction methods that produce potent, flavourful products. This article aims to provide a detailed explanation of these techniques, their differences in terms of taste and effects, and an overview of the prices in the legal and illegal market.

Dry Sift Hash:

This hashish, also known as dry sifting or kief, is a technique that involves separating trichomes from plant material through a mechanical process. Trichomes are the resin glands that contain cannabinoids, terpenes, and other valuable chemicals.

The process of making drysift begins with harvesting high-quality cannabis flowers. The flowers then undergo a sieving process to separate the trichomes from the remaining plant components. This sieving can be done manually or with the help of special mechanical sieves.

The collected trichomes are then compressed and pressed to make the final hash.

Static Tech Hash:

Static tech is an extraction technique that uses static electricity to separate trichomes from plant matter. This method requires the use of a special extraction box, commonly called a “DVD dust box”, which creates a static electric charge.

To make static hash, cannabis flowers are placed into the DVD powder box, which is then shaken or vibrated to produce the static charge effect. The static charge attracts the trichomes, allowing them to separate from the plant matter.

Once the trichomes have built up at the bottom of the box, they are collected and pressed into hash.

Drysift Static Tech Hashish Cannabis Erba Marijuana

Differences in Taste and Effects between Drysift vs Static Tech:

Drysift hash and static tech can differ in both taste and effect.

As for the taste, drysift tends to have a more pronounced and aromatic flavor, thanks to its production which is based on the use of mechanical sieving techniques. Conversely, static may have a more neutral taste, due to the use of static electricity in the extraction process.

In terms of effects, dry sift can provide a more cerebral and energetic sensation due to the presence of a higher concentration of volatile terpenes and cannabinoids. Static, on the other hand, might offer more relaxing and calming effects, due to possible variations in the chemical makeup of the trichomes extracted through static electricity.

Static Tech Dry Sift Hash Market Prices:

The prices of drysift and static can vary in both the legal and illegal markets. In the legal market, where cannabis is regulated and sold through official channels, prices are influenced by factors such as product quality, geographic region, and availability.

Typically, high quality drysift and static can be significantly more expensive than lower quality products, reaching upwards of $30 per gram.

In the illegal market, where cannabis is sold outside regulated channels, prices can be influenced by factors such as availability, supply and demand.


Drysift and static tech are two cannabis extraction methods that offer concentrated products and intense flavors. While drysift hash relies on the mechanical sifting of trichomes, static tech hash uses static electricity to separate them from the plant matter. The differences in taste and effect between the two methods can offer a variety of experiences for users.

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And this article on How to make Drysift and Static Hash ends here, hoping to have been of help to you, see you in the next article!

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