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White Widow: History of a Controversial Cannabis Strain!

White Widow History, Taste and Effects of the Most Controversial Cannabis Strain!

Welcome everyone to this new chapter of our blog about the history, taste and effects of the most debated and controversial famous Cannabis that revolutionized the Dutch (and world) Cannabis scene: White Widow! After having seen the History, Taste and Effects of Super Lemon Haze SLH, get ready for this new article by Annibale Seedshop about the undisputed queen of Amsterdam Coffeeshops!

Introduction to the Dutch White Widow Weed Strain

White Widow stands out among the most famous and iconic cannabis varieties in the world. This strain has gained enduring popularity in coffeeshops, remaining a favorite choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

This article will explore the characteristics of White Widow, the reason for its great popularity in coffeeshops even today, its origin and inventors, its history, taste and odor profiles, terpene composition, the effects it produces, the relationship between THC and CBD, the most common seed banks that made White Widow seeds available, the differences between Mr. Nice’s White Widow and Black Widow, and finally, the price of seeds and flowers in the legal and illegal market.

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White Widow Origins and Inventors

This Cannabis variety was created by two leading figures in the cannabis industry: Mr. Nice (Shantibaba) and Arjan of Green House Seeds. These expert growers have teamed up to develop this legendary strain.

Mr. Nice, with his in-depth knowledge of genetics, has selected the best mother plants from Brazil and India, thus creating a solid genetic basis for White Widow. Subsequently, Arjan played a vital role in perfecting the strain, stabilizing and bringing it to market through Green House Seeds.

The invention of the White Widow Cannabis Strain

The original Widow was invented in the 1990’s by Shantibaba, one of the founders of Green House Seeds, a renowned cannabis seed producer. Shantibaba created this strain by crossing a pure Sativa Brazilian mother plant with a pure Indica Indian father. The result was a unique genetics that would go down in cannabis history.

The Dispute between Mr. Nice and Green House Seeds

The controversy between Mr. Nice and Green House Seeds revolves around Shantibaba’s role in the creation of White Widow and her involvement with Green House Seeds. According to Shantibaba’s version, he is the real inventor of the legendary Widow and played a key role in its creation.

However, according to Green House Seeds, the credit for inventing White Widow goes to Arjan Roskam, the public face of the brand.

Rivalry and Separation

The rivalry between Mr. Nice and Green House Seeds has escalated over the years, fueled by differences of opinion and divergent views on the cannabis industry. This led Shantibaba to make the decision to leave Green House Seeds in 1999 and create his own brand, Mr. Nice, along with his celebrated strain, Black Widow.

Shantibaba said he wanted to pursue his own vision and have full control over the production and distribution of his genetics.

The Birth of Mr. Nice with the Black Widow Marijuana Strain

After leaving Green House Seeds, Shantibaba created Mr. Nice Seeds, a brand that goes by his nickname “Mr. Nice” and which has become synonymous with quality and authenticity. Black Widow was one of the first strains released by Mr. Nice Seeds and was developed by Shantibaba as a response to Green House Seeds’ White Widow.

Black Widow became an instant hit due to her potency and unique characteristics.

Reasons and Meaning behind the Creation of Mr. Nice

Shantibaba’s creation of Mr. Nice was motivated by her desire to have more autonomy and control over his genetic creations. Shantibaba wanted to further his personal vision of producing high quality cannabis seeds and offer the public a selection of unique and potent strains.

The creation of Mr. Nice and the production of Black Widow were a way for Shantibaba to highlight his skills and commitment to the cannabis industry.

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Popularity and Appeal of White Widow Strain in Dutch Coffeeshops

White Widow has become extremely popular in coffeeshops due to her combination of potency, taste and aroma. Its fame quickly spread due to its unique characteristics, becoming one of the most requested strains in bars in Amsterdam and beyond.

White Widow offers a balanced experience, with moderate potency and a refined flavor profile. Its enduring popularity is due to its versatility and ability to please both casual smokers and more experienced aficionados.

Characteristics of  White Widow Taste and Flavors

White Widow is loved for her distinctive taste and aroma. Some common descriptions include notes of earth, wood and spice, with a subtle sweetness blending into the overall profile. Its taste is valued for its smoothness and smooth sensation when inhaling and exhaling its smoke.

The aroma of White Widow is a mix of earthy, slightly pungent and spicy scents, with a hint of sweetness that gives an intriguing note to the flavor profile.

White Widow Terpenes composition

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that contribute to the taste and aroma of cannabis. In White Widow, the most common terpenes are limonene, myrcene and pinene. Limonene lends a fresh citrus profile, myrcene contributes herbaceous and earthy notes, while pinene adds a hint of pine and resin.

This combination of terpenes contributes to White’s distinctive taste and aroma profile.

White Widow Effects and Usage

The effects of White Widow are often described as balanced and powerful. This strain provides a feeling of euphoria and happiness, while also stimulating creativity and concentration. White Widow is widely used for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

It is suitable for relaxation and socialising, but can also be used during the day to maintain mental clarity and increase productivity.

White Widow THC:CBD Ratio

White Widow usually has a high THC content, which can range between 18% and 25%. CBD, on the other hand, is usually found in very small or almost non-existent quantities . This combination of cannabinoids contributes to the potency and uplifting effects of the strain.

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Most common White Widow Seedbanks

Several seed banks have made White’s seeds available. Among the most common and renowned are Green House Seeds, Sensi Seeds and Dutch Passion. These seed banks are known for their reputation and the quality of their products, offering growers the chance to experience the wonders of this strain right in their own home.

Differences between Mr. Nice’s White Widow VS Black Widow

It is important to distinguish between White Widow by Green House Seeds and Black Widow by Mr. Nice, which are in fact two different strains. While both strains are known for their potency and effects, the White stands out for her unique flavor and aroma profile.

Black Widow, on the other hand, can offer a more intense experience with a slightly higher THC content. The differences between the two strains also include the characteristics of taste, smell and terpene composition.

White Widow prices

In the legal market, seed prices may vary depending on the seed bank and the amount of seeds included in the package. On average, a pack of 5 seeds can cost between 30 and 80 euros.

As for White Widow flowers, prices can vary greatly depending on location and availability. In the legal market, the price per gram can fluctuate between 6 and 12 euros.

In the illicit market, seeds prices can be higher due to their high demand and limited availability. The price of seeds can increase up to 100 euros for a pack of 5 seeds.

For White Widow buds on the black market, prices can be significantly higher than on the legal market, with values exceeding €15 per gram.


This incredible strain remains a coffeeshop icon thanks to her potency, distinctive taste and aroma profile, and balanced effects. Its origin and the competition between its creators have contributed to its lasting fame. With her signature THC content and terpenes, White Widow offers a unique and versatile experience.

Whether you are looking for a moment of relaxation or a creative boost, this strain has always been a popular choice.

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And that’s all for this article on the legendary White Widow, we hope to have been of help to you, see you in the next article!

Greetings from the Annibale Seedshop Team!


Davide V, CEO, Founder & Geneticist