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Where Smoke And Grow Cannabis Seeds Are Legal

Which Countries Allow to Grow and Smoke Cannabis?

Countries where smoke weed and grow Cannabis seeds is legal

After some time has passed since our last post in the “Cannabis Curiosities” section regarding the 10 Best Amsterdam Coffee Shops of 2022, here is a new article about the countries where smoke marijuana and grow cannabis seeds is legal! In this new chapter we will analyze which are the most permissive countries where Cannabis seeds are considered legal to buy and grow, and in which even the only personal possession of seeds or weed is strictly prohibited.

Where Smoke And Grow Cannabis Seeds Are Legal

Europe: what are the countries where it is legal to smoke marijuana and grow cannabis plants?

Europe, along with America and Australia, is one of the most permissive continents for the purchase, sale and cultivation of Cannabis Seeds, depending on the type of seeds and the purpose for which they are sold. The European continent is home to states such as the Netherlands and Spain that have written world cannabis history, remaining the leading weed-consuming continent in the world!

Cannabis seeds legal in Italy?

In Italy, Marijuana seeds are legally sold and purchased under the heading “Collectible Hemp Seeds”, as the harvest of high-THC weed plants is strictly prohibited.

However, it is possible to legally cultivate cannabis plants with a high THC content, for ornamental purposes only, as long as the same plants always remain in a vegetative state (18 -20 hours of light per day) so that, avoiding flowering, they cannot produce the active ingredients contained in their flowers. This allows the commercialization of marijuana clones with a high THC content.

CBD Weed plants (Marijuana Light, from fiber) with low THC content (under 0.6% as the maximum limit) are absolutely legal for the cultivation and sale / purchase of buds, becoming a real market in recent years. legal bill of billions of euros in value.

As per the latest rulings of the Supreme Court, “growing Cannabis in Italy, for personal use and with rudimentary techniques” can no longer be considered a criminal offense, making the small domestic cultivation of legal Weed.

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Italy“).

Is Marijuana high in THC legal in Italy?

Although the consumption and sale of Cannabis in Italy is still illegal, it is possible to buy, exclusively with a medical prescription, varieties of grass with very high percentages of THC such as the Dutch Bedrocan, or other Italian varieties legally grown by the state at the Military Pharmaceutical Chemical Plant. of Florence, for a maximum of 150Kg of flowers per year (threshold already widely exceeded in 2020, with 250 kilograms produced).

Where Smoke And Grow Cannabis Seeds Are Legal

Marijuana seeds legal in France?

Similarly to the Italian situation, Cannabis Seeds in France are legal for purchase and sale, including CBD Marijuana inflorescences. Although recently banned in 2022, the State Council suspended the government decree banning the sale and consumption of weed flowers with high CBD and low THC active ingredients, restoring their legality.

The only difference with Italy is the impossibility of growing Cannabis with a high THC active ingredient for ornamental purposes only, and consequently the possible income from cuttings destined for sale on the market.

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Legal cannabis seeds in Germany?

Cannabis seeds are completely legal items in Germany, but their cultivation is still illegal. On the other hand, it is possible to buy CBD Weed and Medical Marijuana at pharmacies, having similar laws in France and Italy. Lately, the German government has been opening up to the legalization of cannabis in Germany, even if the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has momentarily (and rightly) taken the issue off the banks of Olaf Scholz’s government.

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Germany“).

Legal Weed Seeds in Holland?

Of course yes, as everyone knows, cannabis seeds are perfectly legal. Consuming Weed in the Netherlands is therefore perfectly tolerated and possible, but contrary to what is often believed, the Coffee Shops in Amsterdam have never been seriously regulated by law, having become in fact 50 years ago, widely tolerated by the people and customs. and customs of the Dutch. A concrete example of this is supply, which continues to take place via the illegal market.

Marijuana cultivation is illegal, although it is commonly tolerated. The Dutch capital, Amsterdam, is known and loved all over the world: the local coffee shops can in fact also serve Marijuana to tourists (unlike other Dutch cities for which the Coffee Shops will sell Cannabis exclusively to residents), for a maximum total of 5 grams per person per day, as we mention in our article on the Best Coffee Shops in Amsterdam in 2022.

For therapeutic purposes, medical marijuana is available by prescription, although personal home brewing is very often used.

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Paesi dove è legale fumare e coltivare Cannabis

Marijuana seeds legal in Greece?

Cannabis seeds are legal in Greece, although legalization for recreational use is not yet possible. The cultivation of grass in the therapeutic field is instead legal according to a 2017 regulation issued by the Greek parliament, which decriminalizes cultivation for medical use. CBD is also legal and available for purchase.

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Greece“).

Cannabis Seeds Legal in the UK (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)?

Cannabis seeds are legal throughout the UK, classifying them as edible or collectible seeds. However, recreational marijuana cultivation in England and other parts of the UK is illegal, although many people continue to grow weed and the practice is widely accepted.

CBD is no longer considered a narcotic substance, managing to be sold online in pure form, while the cultivation of Industrial Hemp or Marijuana for medical use is perfectly legal.

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in UK“).

Legal cannabis seeds in Spain and Portugal?

Spain is one of the main protagonists of cannabis in Europe, undoubtedly being the country where the largest amount is grown. Cannabis seeds are legal, as is their cultivation in a maximum of 4 plants per adult. There are numerous cannabis associations in the area, or Cannabis Social Clubs, which supply adult residents with numerous varieties of Marijuana grown on site, and first choice Hashish imported from Morocco. Growing weed for medical use is allowed, CBD is legal and available for sale.

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Spain“).

In Portugal, all drugs have no longer been a crime since 2001, albeit in small quantities for personal use. Buying or selling cannabis remains as illegal as growing cannabis seeds for recreational use. However, it is possible to grow medical marijuana with a doctor’s prescription, while CBD and fiber marijuana strains can be safely grown legally.

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Portugal).

Canary and Balearic Islands

The Canary or Balearic Islands (such as Ibiza, Formentera, Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife and others) have the same Spanish law regarding the cultivation of Cannabis. It will not be uncommon to find Marijuana plants grown outdoors on these paradise islands.

Paesi dove è legale fumare e coltivare cannabis

Weed seeds legal in Belgium and Luxembourg?

After the softening of the legal framework on Cannabis, in Belgium it remains illegal to sell or buy Marijuana, but Cannabis seeds are perfectly legal and cultivable for personal use, as long as you only grow the female and in small quantities. Alfalfa is available as a cure for a number of conditions, and CBD is available for purchase / sale.

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Belgium“).

In Luxembourg, it has recently been possible for anyone over 18 to grow weed indoors for their own personal use, whether for medical or recreational purposes (including CBD)!

In short, two of the most cannabis-friendly countries! (To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Luxembourg“).

Cannabis seeds legal in Slovenia and the Czech Republic?

In Slovenia, growing cannabis for medical purposes is allowed, while recreational cultivation is still illegal in 2022, although there is a legal loophole whereby residents may actually be able to do so freely. CBD is widely sold, quickly becoming one of the most profitable markets in Slovenia. Cannabis seeds can be bought and sold without regulations, as in the rest of the European countries.

In the Czech Republic, CBD weed, already perfectly legal and sold in numerous shops, has been updated with an active ingredient limit of 1%. Growing cannabis seeds in the Czech Republic is allowed for up to five plants per home, although you can incur a hefty fine if caught. Over 5 marijuana plants are considered a criminal offense, although they can rarely be punished with jail.

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Czech Republic“).

Cannabis seeds legal in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia?

In these countries it is possible to use Cannabis for medical purposes and to buy Marijuana seeds for the sole purpose of collecting, but the cultivation of weed is completely illegal.

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia“).

Marijuana seeds legal in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Ukraine and Romania?

In both of these European countries, the purchase and sale of Marijuana is illegal, with a few minor differences. For example, in Albania the cultivation, sale and purchase of Cannabis is completely illegal (under penalty of imprisonment), even if it is the European state that produces the most of it commercially, supplying countries with medium-low quality weed. neighbors In Bosnia, the possession of small quantities for personal use is conceived, while cultivation remains illegal.

Or, in Romania the sale, purchase and cultivation of ganja is strictly forbidden, and even for small personal quantities, imprisonment of up to seven years in prison is foreseen (To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Romania“), while in Ukraine, a more permissive country, it is possible to do so. cultivation for personal use for a maximum of 10 plants per adult, and it is possible to obtain Marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

Cannabis seeds are legal in Hungary, however it is not possible to own or grow Weed, including CBD varieties, under penalty of possession. (To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Hungary“).

Legal cannabis seeds in Norway and Sweden?

Cannabis seeds are legal in Norway, while the cultivation and sale of Marijuana is not legal although, however, the Marijuana culture in Norway is more tolerated than in many other European countries. Medical use is under prescription, and the sale of CBD is widely accepted.

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Norway“).

Sweden is not yet as open to cannabis culture as other European countries, cutting off the de facto legs of the CBD market. Weed seeds are legal in Sweden, but cultivation can be severely punished.

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Sweden“).

Where Cannabis Seeds Are Legal Norway

Cannabis seeds in America

And here we are in America, the continent most open to the culture of Marijuana and its cultivation! Highlights of weed quality such as the Emerald Triangle, Humboldt County and Colorado have made U.S.A cannabis history!

Marijuana seeds legal in the United States of America (U.S.A.)?

Cannabis cultivation and decriminalization for possession, as well as regulation of the sale of weed, is now legal in most of the federal nations that make up the United States of America. In the United States it is also sold for medical purposes, available by prescription, although most smokers prefer to obtain supplies from a Marijuana dispensary, premises used for the sale and administration of Cannabis!

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in United States of America“).

California, the paradise of high quality Marijuana!

To be particularly taken into account, California is one of the places in the world where the history of the most sought after and coveted Marijuana is written every day. In fact, it is no coincidence that many American companies that sell Hemp seeds are based in Cali, being the most suitable place for growing successful weed in terms of climate!

Where Cannabis Seeds Are Legal Norway

Legal cannabis seeds in Canada?

Canada has finally legalized the cultivation of Marijuana seeds, both for medical and recreational purposes. Canada is one of the countries that most accepts the culture of smokers and ganja growers among Western countries, sometimes becoming more decisive than the United States.

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Canada“).

Weed seeds legal in Mexico and Central America?

After the appeal of four young Mexicans, it is possible to smoke, grow and possess Marijuana for personal use, the sale and purchase being punished. Medical marijuana is still banned, although there is a bill ready to legalize medical cannabis, while to this day cannabis seeds remain an illegal matter.

Marijuana seeds legal in South America (Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and Chile)?

Although with some differences, especially for Uruguay (a country that has totally legalized the use and cultivation of Marijuana), in the countries of South America it is very easy to find Marijuana, even if of poor quality. In fact, it is no mystery that for many years young people living in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Peru and Colombia have started growing European and American Marijuana at home, in classic indoor crops.

However, high quality Marijuana is not easy to find and costs a lot, while from a therapeutic point of view nothing has yet moved. South America is the land of phenomenal and legendary Landrace Sativas, just like the Punta Roja featured in our Jack Cloudwalker F1!

paesi dove è legale fumare e coltivare Cannabis

Cannabis seeds in Oceania

Oceania is a vast continent made up of important islands such as Australia and New Zealand. The cultivation of cannabis seeds and its consumption here is generally accepted, unlike the harder drugs such as Cocaine and Heroin, which are strongly opposed by their governments. This is the continent with the least cannabis history, yet it is full of wonderful native plants, mostly Sativa, very useful for developing Marijuana seeds!

Legal Cannabis Seeds in Australia?

Cannabis seeds and their cultivation for recreational personal use are legal in some regions of Australia, although the government struggles to ban their import. In fact, there are dozens of shops dealing with Indoor growing and selling Marijuana seeds, like our official dealer “Cannadelic Australia”!

CBD can be sold in the form of pure oil, and under exclusive medical prescription, like marijuana with a high THC content for therapeutic use.

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Australia“).

Marijuana seeds legal in New Zealand?

Since 2021, cannabis seeds and medical marijuana use are permitted under strict regulation in New Zealand. High CBD weed cannot be legally bought or sold.

Where Cannabis Seeds Are Legal Australia

Asia: countries where is it legal to smoke and grow cannabis?

Asia is a continent with a lot of Marijuana history and culture. It is no coincidence that, in fact, it is in China that the first ancient uses of Ganja are found in popular culture as a drug capable of relieving suffering, just like opium.

Although indigenous cannabis plants of very important genetic value still exist in the communities of Nepal, India and Afghanistan and Pakistan, in many Asian countries the mere possession of weed can be punished very severely, sometimes even with a death sentence. depending on the law in force in the country.

Legal cannabis seeds in Russia?

In Russia, the government has decriminalized the personal possession of small quantities of Marijuana and Hashish, which will result in a fine. Cannabis CBD, medical marijuana and the cultivation of weed remain prohibited.

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Russia“).

Legal Weed Seeds in China?

Cannabis seeds and their cultivation, such as CBD buds and medical marijuana are strictly prohibited in China, and violations of the law can be severely punished.

Marijuana seeds legal in Japan?

While it is illegal to use weed in Japan, it is possible to grow cannabis with a license, and the Japanese government is trying to legalize marijuana for commercial purposes – look forward to the next few months!

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Japan“).

Cannabis seeds legal in India. Turkey and Pakistan?

In addition to Pakistan, which is starting a process of regulating the cultivation of Marijuana under a special license, both in India and in Pakistan the cultivation of Hemp is prohibited by law, even if they are cult places of the Cannabis culture and the production of the best qualities of Hashish!

(To now more about visit the new article “Where Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in India and Turkey“).

Legal Weed Seeds in the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, United Arab Emirates)?

In Middle Eastern countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates, owning weed alone can lead to very severe penalties. Cultivation is also banned despite the status of countries like Afghanistan, which are famous around the world for growing weed and producing Hashish.

Africa: what are the countries where it is legal to smoke weed and grow cannabis seeds?

Africa is definitely the continent where the most Cannabis is produced for the production of Hashish for export to Europe. It will certainly not be difficult to find competitively priced smoke in North African regions such as Morocco.

Legal cannabis seeds in Morocco?

Morocco, a land protagonist of the production of over 80% of Hashish present in Europe, in 2022 is opening up to a legalization of the plant. Cannabis seeds are perfectly legal in Morocco, and cultivation is very often allowed even in the absence of authorizations and legal references. However, the export of Hashish from outdoor grown cannabis plants remains strictly prohibited by the Moroccan government, even though it remains perfectly aware of the Moroccan smoke trafficking within the illegal European market.

Marijuana seeds legal in Egypt, Algeria and Nigeria?

Although it is completely illegal and often punished with detention, the consumption of weed and the cultivation of cannabis seeds in these countries occurs very frequently. It will be relatively easy to get Ganja in Algeria and Nigeria, less so in Egypt, where there is still a large traffic of Hashish.

Legal Weed Seeds in South Africa?

And to top it off, along with the slew of contradictions that every country applies to cannabis, even South Africa could hardly be outdone. Although legalization is being pursued that could yield over 150,000 important jobs, and the consumption of Weed for personal and medical use has been decriminalized, growing Marijuana in South Africa is still illegal.

However, important Marijuana festivals take place in South Africa, where the most important minds in the sector participate.

paesi dove legale fumare coltivare cannabis Marocco

The countries where smoke weed and grow Cannabis is legal

In summary, the countries where it is legal to smoke and grow cannabis are:

  • Uruguay
  • Canada
  • United States (few states are missing from total decriminalization)

While the countries where the consumption and cultivation of grass is tolerated are:

  • Netherland
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • South Africa
  • Morocco
  • India
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Italy

Where Smoke And Grow Cannabis Seeds Are Legal

And for this long chapter on countries where smoking weed and growing cannabis seeds is legal is it, keep following us in our next articles!

Greetings from the Annibale Seedshop Team, see you in next article about 25 best cannabis seeds strains 2022!


Davide, CEO & Founder