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How To Properly Clone A Cannabis Plant!

How to Properly Clone a Marijuana Plant

Welcome everyone to this new manual of our blog on the correct cloning (cutting) of Cannabis plants! After having seen the Led Lamps in the cultivation of Marijuana, fasten your seat belts for this new guide by Annibale Seedshop!

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Introduction to the Guide on the correct Weed Cloning

The cannabis cloning technique has become extremely popular with professional growers due to its convenience and many advantages over using seeds.

This article aims to provide an accurate explanation of what cloning of cannabis is, why it is cheaper than seeds, the differences between seeds and clones in growing cannabis, the elements needed to perform a correct cloning (with mention of Clonex) and a detailed description of the steps for a successful cloning, with the “crunchy” addition of 10 essential tricks for correct execution!

Cannabis Cutting for Cloning Technique:

Cannabis cloning is an asexual propagation technique, which allows you to create new plants that are genetically identical to the mother plant from which the cuttings were taken. This method allows growers to replicate the desired characteristics of a given cannabis strain quickly and efficiently.

3 Advantages of Clones VS Cannabis Seeds:

Cloning offers several advantages over using seeds in cannabis cultivation:

  • Exact reproduction of the characteristics: Cloning allows you to maintain exactly the same genetic characteristics of the mother plant. This is especially useful for growers who wish to preserve the qualities of a particular cannabis strain that they have already grown successfully.
  • Reduced Growing Time: Cannabis clones have already passed the germination stage and started their growth process. This saves growers valuable time compared to seed germination and young plant growth.
  • Elimination of Variability: With clones, there are no genetic variations such as can occur with seeds. This allows growers to obtain plants with uniform and predictable characteristics.

3 Differences Between Cuttings VS Cannabis Seeds:

The main differences between seeds and cuttings in growing cannabis include:

  • Genetics: Seeds can have a variety of genetic characteristics, while clones are identical to the mother plant from which they were taken.
  • Time to Grow: Seeds require a germination period, while clones are already in an advanced stage of growth.
  • Stability of Characteristics: The clones maintain exactly the same characteristics of the mother plant, while the seeds can have genetic variations.

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Items Required for Successful Cloning:

To perform successful cannabis cloning, a few essentials are required:

Clonex or Other Rooting Products: Clonex is a gel or solution that helps stimulate root formation in cuttings. It is a popular product and widely used by growers to achieve successful rooting.

Cutting Tools: Clean, sharp tools will be needed to take cuttings from the mother plant without damaging them.

Rooting Substrate: It is important to use an appropriate substrate that promotes root growth, such as light, well-drained potting soil or rockwool cubes.

Steps for Successful Cloning:

Here are the key steps for a successful cloning:

  • Step 1: Prepare the necessary materials, including containers for cuttings, substrate and Clonex.
  • Step 2: Take cuttings from the mother plant using clean, sharp tools. Make sure the cuttings have at least 2-3 nodes and are healthy and vigorous.
  • Step 3: Apply Clonex to the ends of the cuttings and place them in the substrate for rooting.
  • Step 4: Make sure the cuttings are well hydrated and provide them with a warm, moist environment to encourage root formation. Cover the cuttings with a clear lid or use a cloning area with high humidity.
  • Step 5: Maintain adequate light for the cuttings, preferably with a low energy light or specific LED lamps for the rooting stage.
  • Step 6: Closely monitor the cuttings to ensure adequate hydration and an appropriate environment until healthy roots develop.

10 Essential Tricks for Successful Cloning of Cannabis Plants:

  • Use sterilized or treated water to reduce the risk of bacterial or fungal contamination.
  • Avoid direct bright light on the cuttings to reduce excessive stress.
  • Use a rooting hormone like Clonex to stimulate root formation.
  • Maintain adequate relative humidity around the cuttings using a clear lid or mini greenhouse.
  • Be sure to provide your cuttings with proper ventilation to avoid mold or disease buildup.
  • Be sure to select healthy, vigorous cuttings from the mother plant.
  • Use clean, disinfected containers for cuttings to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Give cuttings a light misting daily to maintain optimum humidity.
  • Use a quality substrate that encourages root growth and make sure it is well drained.
  • Maintain a constant and optimal temperature to encourage root formation.

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5 Common Beginner Grower Mistakes And Common Problems With Cannabis Clones:

Beginner growers can make some common mistakes when cloning cannabis, which can lead to problems or problems:

  • Lack of Sterility: Lack of proper hygiene practices when taking cuttings or preparing the substrate can lead to the introduction of pathogens or disease.
  • Excessive Handling of Cuttings: Excessive handling of cuttings can damage them and reduce their chances of rooting.
  • Incorrect Humidity Management: Humidity levels that are too high or too low can negatively affect the rooting of cuttings.
  • Lack of Adequate Light: Inadequate light can slow the growth of cuttings or negatively affect root development.
  • Nutrient Overdose: Excess nutrients can damage cuttings and hinder rooting.


The cannabis cloning technique offers many advantages over using seeds, such as the exact reproduction of genetic characteristics, saving time and producing uniform plants.

To perform a successful cloning, you need to use products like Clonex, follow key steps carefully, and adopt essential tricks like selecting healthy cuttings and using clean containers. With proper execution, cloning can be a reliable and cost-effective method of propagating desired cannabis strains indoors.

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And this manual on How to correctly create a Cannabis Cutting comes to an end, hoping to have been of help to you, see you in the next article!

Greetings from the Annibale Seedshop Team!



Davide V, CEO, Founder & Geneticist