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Sea Of Green Cannabis Technique Blog Annibale Seedshop

Cannabis SCROG: How to Apply Screen of Green Technique

Screen Of Green technique in a Cannabis growing

Welcome everyone to this new article in our “Cannabis Cultivation Manual” dedicated to the SCReen Of Green (SCROG) technique! In last chapter we have seen the Sea of Green Technique. Today we will analyze what this cultivation technique is, why it is convenient to use it, but not only. We will observe how to best implement it, indicating the main differences between the SCROG and the SOG, and finally providing you with useful tips on how to avoid possible errors!

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What is Screen Of Green?

The “Screen of Green” cannabis growing technique, also known as SCROG, is so defined because you will have to recreate a screen of equally tall buds. Normally, to implement this technique, a plant or a few more per square meter is used, taking into account that a longer vegetative phase will be needed. It requires a minimum of experience on the part of the grower, as the Screen Of Green combines pruning (or Fimming), the LST (Low Stress Training) technique and the Lollipop technique.

Logically, the Screen of Green is the cultivation technique that has totally opposite principles to the Sea Of Green, which involves an intensive cultivation of Cannabis, with a short or no vegetative phase. Unlike the SCROG technique, with the Sea Of Green you will have to plan to spend more to buy enough seeds, pots and substrate.You can find detailed information about the Sea Of Green technique in our latest blog article.

If you only have a few plants to grow and you have a good cultivation experience, the Screen of Green technique is definitely what can do for you, allowing you to optimize your growing spaces, and consequently maximize the final yields. This is the ideal cannabis cultivation technique for those who have invested a lot of time and money looking for few seeds, but with high genetic characteristics.

Why choose Screen Of Green in Cannabis cultivation?

SCROG is one of the most tested and used Marijuana cultivation techniques in the world, like Sea Of Green. If you have a few good seeds to test and a lot of time at your disposal, the Screen Of Green technique is what it can do for you!

Net of a longer cultivation cycle (and a higher electricity bill), by using the SCROG technique it is possible to save on a large part of the necessary for cultivation. Pots, substrate and seeds are not everything: even the fertilizer can be decimated, allowing even the most common cannabis grower to focus only on quality.

Less work, less effort, more time for yourself. These seem like three other good reasons to implement the Screen of Green technique in your cannabis grow as well. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

How to do SCROG technique in Cannabis growing

Practicing the Screen of Green Cannabis cultivation technique does not require master’s experience, but at least a couple of cycles behind. While not the most difficult of the techniques, you will have to deal with various other techniques (such as pruning and LST) with which you will have to demonstrate a good familiarity. If you have not yet reached this point of your passion, we advise you not to continue reading, but rather to re-read the “ABC of Cannabis Cultivation”, “Vegetative Phase” and “Flowering Phase”, where you can easily find some information about.

First of all, you will need to better organize your space used for cannabis cultivation. If you want to get great results, you will need to purchase a strain that tends to grow bushy, so that it can adequately occupy all the spaces allowed. Hybrid or mostly Sativa genetics are best recognized for this type of cultivation. Once you have chosen the number of seeds to place (maximum 4 seeds / m2), you will have to wait for the third / fourth week of life before being able to prune them (when the plants have reached the fourth internode, or have grown sufficiently to have developed a trunk mostly wooden and the first branches.

You will then have to proceed with the Low Stress Training technique on the apical branches, trying to keep their growth horizontally. Subsequently, if necessary, proceed to carry out other pruning to the apical branches, so as to multiply the tops and thicken the space. If necessary, insert the SCROG net so that you can help yourself to stretch and untangle the buds in every direction. When around 60-70% of the space has been adequately covered with cannabis buds of the same height, you can finally shift the light cycle to 12/12, kicking off flowering!

Differences between Screen Of Green & Sea Of Green in Cannabis growing

Between the cultivation technique of Cannabis SCROG and the SOG there are not only formal differences, but also and above all substantial ones. Depending on your budget, growing equipment, time and seeds, one or the other technique may be for you.

When you have very large spaces, it is preferable to use the SOG technique, halving the cultivation times. In this case, seeds, pots, substrate, fertilizer and manual labor will grow dramatically.

At the same time, it’s possible to get a high yields in a very short time, which commercial cannabis growers prefer.

On the other hand, if you have limited spaces and limited availability, it is preferable to use the SCROG cultivation type. As we have seen, in the face of a longer cultivation time, we will be able to save on equipment by managing to obtain ALMOST the same result obtained in Sea of Green crops.

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10 Cannabis SCROG growing tips

As in many other chapters, we leave this last chapter at your disposal to find out what are the most common problems in SCROG crops, how to remedy if mistakes are made and some advice from the Annibale Seedshop Growing Team to carry out this type of cultivation in the best way!

  1. Do not overload the chosen space with plants: this cannabis cultivation technique allows you to obtain with 1-4 plants / m2 almost the same yield as an intensive SOG crop.
  2. Buy mostly sativa and quality cannabis seeds. Make sure you take home a few but unique genetics right away!
  3. Purchase a light and aerated soil such as a “Biobizz – Light Mix” to allow the fastest root development of Marijuana plants.
  4. Don’t rush to change the light cycle, from vegetative to flowering. Switching flowering plants too early will drastically reduce the final yield.
  5. Be careful with fertilizers: it is always preferable to administer less and more frequently than to risk blocking the plant for a few days or weeks.
  6. Try to untangle the tops of your plants as best you can, defoliating from time to time to allow greater light penetration into the low foliage.
  7. Each cannabis bud should be the same tall as the one next to it. Using the SCROG network is mandatory if you want to optimize space!
  8. Defoliate each sundeck leaf during the last 2-3 weeks of flowering, applying a UV-B lamp if possible.
  9. Let your cannabis plants vegetate long enough for them to develop more quickly in the weeks of flowering.
  10. Try to use 3 types of pots. You start from 2-3 liters, going to 8-12 liters, and ending with 25-50+ liters

And that’s all for Cannabis Scrog Technique (or Screen Of Green) article, hoping you liked our article, keep following us in the next article about the “Cannabis Topping cultivation technique“!

Until next time, a greeting from Annibale’s Team!


Davide, CEO, Founder & Geneticist