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fase germinazione nella pianta di cannabis marijuana canapa

Marijuana Germination: How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

How to Germinate Marijuana Seed

Welcome to this article from our “Cannabis Growing Manual” dedicated to how to properly germinate cannabis seeds! In the last article, we learned How to grow amazing cannabis plant! Today we will find out how to germinate a cannabis seed, and 10 common mistakes that are made daily by newbies to cannabis cultivation in germinating Hemp seeds!

germination stage cannabis plants

What are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds (or Marijuana seeds) are the most precious commodity of any good weed smoker! In fact, most regular cannabis smokers of 2022 are well aware of how much better, healthier and more rewarding weed grown with their own hands, no matter which strain is chosen, than any ganja on the market. whether black or legal, it doesn’t matter!

Besides the unclear European Community regulations regarding the cultivation of Marjjuana for personal use, and therefore the fear of many people of being able to grow a Marijuana plant at home without being arrested (favoring illegal markets), many people do not know what to germinate the Marijuana seeds is a very quick and easy process.

There are different techniques for germinating Marijuana seeds, just do a search on the internet to realize that, mainly, you will have to deal with three different ways of germinating Hemp seeds: we at Annibale Seedshop have summarized them below for you. !

Annibale Seedshop how to germinate cannabis seeds

How to germinate a cannabis seed? The 3 best methods

Classic method of germination of hemp seeds “in the ground”

The simplest method of all, is the one we advise against the most. You simply have to place the cannabis seed in the open ground or in pots about half a centimeter below the surface. Hydrating for 12 hours in water before burying can help the germination process.

Even if you want to grow cannabis outdoors in the open ground, indoor germination in pots is highly recommended. Proceed only after the transfer in the ground, reducing the possibility that the various environmental dangers can affect the health of the slender plants (climatic, or animals in the case of “Guerrilla Crops”)

It is advisable to be very careful not to bury the seeds too deeply (no more than 1 centimeter). Same thing goes for never letting the earth dry out or stagnate in water during the germination period. Any negligence at this stage would ensure the failure of the entire crop.

come germinare semi canapa marijuana cannabis

Water’s Glass Cannabis Germination method

it is a simple germination method but less reliable and effective than absorbent paper; it consists in the simple soaking (rehydration) of the seeds until the opening of the first root, which usually takes place within 48 hours.

A few drops of rooting solution can be added to facilitate the germination process (we recommend, without exaggerating the quantity!)

how to germinate cannabis seeds water glass

“Annibale’s Method for Cannabis Germination – absorbent paper & cellophane (or two plates)”

This is the most reliable and safe method. Consists in hydrating absorbent paper folded in two, squeezing it carefully with your hands in order to obtain a thick wet handkerchief, but not impregnated with water. Then get a deep plate and cellophane, if you do not have the film, just use an additional deep plate (see below)

Gently lay the seeds on one of the halves of your paper towel. Then close with the other half of the paper, spacing them well, giving a slight pressure on the paper where they are, so as to make them adhere favoring the condition of perfect humidity necessary for the germination of Cannabis seeds.

Then cover the plate with a layer of cellophane with holes in it (if not available, simply use another deep plate turned upside down, closing the lid)

Keep in the dark and periodically check the seeds (in 24-60 hours they should have all hatched), lightly moisten the paper if necessary.

Place the seeds in the center of the pot in small holes, subsequently covering with a few millimeters of soil.

How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds: 10 Common Mistakes

The top 10 causes of failure of novice growers are:

  • Waiting for the seeds to germinate too long;
  • Allow the substrate surface to dry;
  • Dry the paper where the seed began to germinate;
  • Sprouting cannabis seeds directly in pots or on the ground at the wrong depth;
  • Wet the substrate too frequently, causing the roots of the seedlings to rot;
  • An environmental condition of unsuitable temperature and humidity;
  • Planting the seed in the wrong location;
  • Having planted two or more seeds in the same pot;
  • Keep the lights too low or too high;
  • Continuous handling of seeds before, during and after germination.

That’s all for this chapter about how to germinae cannabis seeds. We want to leave you with one last piece of advice, hoping it was helpful to read this article: manipulating the seeds / seedlings as little as possible can be the trick to success. Now, you know how to do a correct cannabis seeds germination, and you are able to do it!

Keep following us, see you in next articles about the “perfect substrate for grow Cannabis“!


Davide, CEO Founder & Genetist