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Top 15 Coffeeshop Amsterdam 2023

Top 15 Best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam on 2023!

Top 15 Best Coffee Shop in Amsterdam on 2023!

Here we are in a new article dedicated to the 15 best coffeeshop in Amsterdam that you can visit in 2023 in our “Cannabis Trivia” space. After seeing the 10 best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam of 2022, today we will find out which are the most renowned Coffeeshops in Amsterdam, listing you the 15 best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam in 2023 according to the Annibale Seedsshop Team! Mind you, this time too you won’t find the usual names!

Amsterdam Night Life

What are the Coffee shops on Amsterdam (2023)

The famous and best Coffee Shops in Amsterdam in 2023, disliked by many (including citizens of Amsterdam!) and loved by many others, are private structures tolerated by Dutch law to sell Marijuana to their adult customers, even if they are tourists.

It is necessary to distinguish the Coffeeshops of Amsterdam from the rest on the Dutch territory precisely for this particularity: if in other cities of the Netherlands it is necessary to be a Dutch citizen and, therefore, to have Dutch citizenship in order to use the service of these premises, in the coffeeshops of Amsterdam it is only the age of majority is required, a sign of the government’s openness to a less harsh and more liberal policy.

How an Amsterdam Coffee Shop works in 2023

Once it has been established that the first requirement is to have a document certifying that you are at least of age (18) to be able to enter coffee shops in Amsterdam, and be able to buy and consume weed inside them , there are other rules and details that apply in these structures.

The first rule of the Amsterdam coffee shops of 2023 is the limit of Marijuana that can be purchased inside them: the law has not changed, only 5 Grams per person, per day, per coffeeshop.

Furthermore, inside the best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam in 2023 it is not possible to consume pure tobacco (cigarette) or use it to mix it with Marijuana: if you want an additive, you can use the tobacco substitute (male hemp flowers, totally devoid of any effect), always present at the table. However, it is common practice to take out a dab of tobacco to mix with Marijuana or Hashish just before rolling, but without taking out the pack of cigarettes or tobacco.

Furthermore, in Amsterdam coffeeshops in 2023 it is not possible to request alcohol to be consumed inside, as no coffeeshop is licensed to serve alcohol. If you are looking for a beer, coffee shops are not the right place for you!

Last rule, always leave the table you used clean when you want to leave the club! Grinder and ashtray will be served by the staff, ask for information!

Amsterdam Weed Cannabis igliori coffeeshop 2023

Is legal weed from Amsterdam Coffee Shops better quality?

Anyone who knows and frequents, or has known and frequented at least once in their life a coffee shop in Amsterdam, knows perfectly well that the quality of Marijuana sold inside represents the dream of many weed smokers, a good part of which every year make at least a couple of days of vacation in Holland!

Legal weed is certainly better than black market Cannabis, being subject to the numerous and careful controls of the long chain of buyers and smokers: no coffee would prefer to lose its customers by selling putrescent, poor quality or moldy Marijuana buds, without aroma or effects as unfortunately, often happens on the streets.

However, even in the best Dutch Marijuana coffee shops in Amsterdam in 2023, you will have to be careful in which shops you decide to buy your precious herb: around is still full of a lot of badly grown and stored herb.. keep your eyes peeled!

10 Migliori Coffeeshop Di Amsterdam 2022 erba olandese

the 15 Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam in 2023 according to Annibale Seedsshop

We have compiled a list of the 15 best coffee shops in Amsterdam in 2023, according to the Annibale Seedshop Team. In this list you won’t find the usual classic names, but hand-tested and noteworthy coffeeshops!

15 Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam in 2023? DNA Coffeeshop stays in the lead!

The DNA Coffee shop, which despite having the same name and brand is not to be confused with the DNA Genetics seedbank, is without a doubt our favorite coffee shop! The venue is located at the end of Achillesstraat, slightly outside the center of A’dam in the direction of Apollobuurt (Amsterdam Zuid).

The prices are simply the best in the city, and while not being able to take advantage of a comfortable lounge room where you can smoke (it has a small room with limited capacity and no chairs, which is why you won’t find tourists inside but it is often unusable) , you will find the best and most particular herb in the whole city!

Katsu Coffeeshop.. a blast from the past!

Katsu Coffeeshop is still one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam Centro 2023 truly exclusive: from the internal design to the fantastic menu, nothing is left to chance! The staff is kind and always available, and it is mainly frequented by adult residents: maximum relaxation just a stone’s throw from the city centre! Simply highly recommended!

Coffee Shop Boerejongens West – one of the best Amsterdam coffeeshops of 2023!

We told you about Boerejongens within the Amsterdam Genetics category: this is in fact the brand of the coffee shop chain in Amsterdam which is part of Amsterdam Genetics!

It is worth noting above all about Boerejongens West, a place facing one of the main canals of Amsterdam, in a quiet area, not very touristy and a stone’s throw from the very central Overtoom!

The local staff is made up of connoisseurs and motivated professionals in the sector, being able to count on native speaking salesmen and a vast selection of cultivated herbs, but above all top quality Hashish and extractions produced by them, very often of their own Amsterdam Genetics genetics, all to say the least fe-no-me-na-li!

If you arrive in Amsterdam Sloterdijk with the Flixbus (or other bus companies), head straight to the Boerejongens Sloterdijk which is a stone’s throw from the station to freshen up right away!

Grey Area, the best Hash in the center of Amsterdam!

If you are a smoke (hashish) lover and you are in A’dam to smoke, Grey Area is the paradise you are looking for! The prices are a bit high, even reaching over 20 euros per gram of Marijuana, but the quality of the flowers and their Hash that you can buy inside is unparalleled to say the least! Gray Area coffeeshop is a guarantee for the most demanding cannabis smokers!

Vondel Coffee shop, a stone’s throw from Vondel Park in Amsterdam!

The Vondel Coffeeshop is one of our favorite places, and we visit it every year to find a place of total privacy and relaxation where we can smoke and work from a PC!

As well as always hosting one (or both) of our favorite Strawberry Kush and Apple Haze strains, this coffeeshop is only 50 meters from the entrance to Vondel Park (Amsterdam’s largest park), and is always free from annoying groups of tourists present in the city center!

vondel park amsterdam 2022

Blue Lagoon, one of the best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam 2023!

If we make a list of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam, we cannot fail to mention the Blue Lagoon, a coffeeshop on the Overtoom very close to Vondel Park and the Vondel Coffeeshop (same street 500 meters away), but with a truly respectable staff!

Finding promotions for herbs and hashish common in Amsterdam, but also rarer and more particular, rely on the friendliness and professionalism of the staff to advise you only on the best! Amnesia Haze, Lemon Haze and White Widow are highly recommended! Blue Lagoon is the friendliest and most comfortable café in Amsterdam, connecting Leidseplein (beginning of the city center) with the suburbs (Amsterdam Zuid).

Dolphins Coffee shop. simply unique!

The Dolphins Coffee Shop in Amsterdam is an old memory of ours, which we have visited a few times over the course of almost ten years, but we have always had good memories of the place, the staff, the location and the quality/price of the weed. The only flaw of the place is that it is always full of people, finding it difficult to sit comfortably and not to share!

You can use bongs and vaporizers leaving a deposit such as ID or cash: just ask the staff!

The Kadinsky coffee shop in Amsterdam needs no introduction!

No introduction for the Kadinsky of Zoutsteeg 14, a comfortable coffeeshop in the city center of Amsterdam, where you will have the opportunity to buy cannabis and smoke inside the coffee shop, often with seating spaces even in crowded evenings. Although the street is quite narrow, it is frequented by tourists and quiet locals. You can drink alcohol in their homonymous space in front of the coffee shop, highly recommended!

Amsterdam Day Canal migliori coffee shop 2023

Kashmir Coffeeshop & Lounge: drinking alcohol and smoking Marijuana is still possible in 2023!

The Kashmir Coffee Shop and Lounge in Amsterdam (two different places, facing each other with only the street separating them!) is a pleasant discovery made on my first trips to Amsterdam!

Since it is forbidden to sell alcohol and cannabis in the same place, there are places in Amsterdam where it is still possible to consume alcohol while smoking Marijuana, and the Kashmir Lounge is just one of them!

Fill up on weed (highly recommended smokes) in their prestigious little coffeeshop, cross the street and enter their lounge room to relax with a good glass of beer!

Terminator Coffee Shop Amsterdam 2023: where everything ends!

And finally, the Terminator is one of the last best coffee shops in Amsterdam of 2023 known and frequented by us, which we could not fail to name it for the kindness, availability and professionalism of the manager, as well as for the fantastic qualities of Marijuana selected by him !

It will not be uncommon to be offered a glass of Moroccan mint tea with which you can warm up in your favorite moment of relaxation! their Buddha Laughing is highly recommended!

coffeeshop insegna amsterdam

(EXTRA) Top 5 Best, Most Famous and Busiest Coffeeshop in Amsterdam in 2023!

In addition to this first list of the 10 best coffee shops in Amsterdam to visit in 2023, here are the other top 5 best, most famous and popular coffee shops in all of Amsterdam in 2023!

Greenhouse coffee shop, Amsterdam

Can you think of anything with Green House Coffee shop? By now you know that this popular joint chain is part of the Green House Seeds brand, the world’s most awarded and best-selling cannabis seed bank (not to be confused with Greenhouse Effect)!

With the only flaw of always being full of tourists (especially Italians) and having slightly higher prices, inside the Green House Coffeeshops you can find the qualities of Marijuana that have made the history of Dutch weed! If you’re in Amsterdam and want to pop into Greenhouse Coffeeshop, we recommend buying their Hawaiian Snow or Super Lemon Haze, one of our favorite strains!

10 Best Coffee Shop Amsterdam 2022 Vondel Park (1)

Barney’s Coffee Shop

The same story as the previous one applies to this place too: Barney’s Coffeeshops in Amsterdam is owned by the Barney’s Farm brand, one of the best stabilized seed banks in the world! You are sure to find their Liberty Haze, sativa which is ever present in their space herb and hash menu!

The Bulldog Coffee Shop

Bulldog Coffeeshops are the most famous chain of coffee shops in Amsterdam, counting several units scattered throughout the city center and the Red Light District. Honestly, we never wanted to go into this place, and we don’t know how to give the place a review.

10 best coffee shop amsterdam 2022

Abraxas Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Another very famous Cannabis coffeeshop in Amsterdam to visit in 2023 is undoubtedly the Abraxas Coffeeshop, in the center of Amsterdam it is one of the best known, and is a stone’s throw from the central station. Highly recommended for the wide choice of quality Marijuana even if the prices are not very competitive.

Best coffeeshop in Amsterdam 2023: Strain Hunters Coffeeshop

Finally, Strain Hunters is the new coffee shop of Strain Hunters Seeds, the Marijuana seed bank owned by Green House Seeds. We haven’t been able to enter this place yet, but we’re sure we’ll be able to do it soon, leaving a review of this brand new novelty!

Dutch Cannabis Farm best coffee shop 2023

And that’s all for this guide on the 15 best Amsterdam Coffeeshop of 2o23; keep following us in our next articles regarding “the 20 best cannabis seed varieties of 2023“!

Greetings from the Annibale Seedshop Team, see you soon!


Davide, Founder, CEO & Geneticist