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Top 20 Cannabis Seeds 2023

Top 20 Best Cannabis Seeds Strains on 2023!

Top 20 Best Cannabis Seeds Strains on 2023!

Welcome everyone to this new chapter of our blog about the 25 Best Cannabis Seed Strains of 2022 according to the Annibale Seedshop Team! After seeing the best Cannabis seeds 2022 last year, get ready to meet some of the best Marijuana seeds of 2023!

Wedding Cake Barney's Farm

Mix Regular #2 – Annibale Genetics


Top 20 Best Cannabis Seeds of 2023: What’s new on the front?

This 2023 has reserved numerous and pleasant surprises for Cannabis growers who have seen themselves emerge from a pandemic that has invested the whole world, starting with brand new Cannabis seed banks such as Annibale Genetics, Peach Tree Barney’s Farm, Humboldt Seeds Company, Green House Seeds and more!

The quality of the 2023 cannabis seed strains further enhances the world’s genetic quality, raising the bar on quality and the THC shot. In fact, some weed strains have recorded THC levels of over 32%, unthinkable a few years ago.

Here is a list drawn up by the Annibale Seedsshop Team of the best cannabis seed varieties of 2023 in our opinion! Take the opportunity to take a look, in this article you may find your favorite Marijuana seeds!

Purple Gas F1 Annibale Genetics

GDP Hybrids Mix – Annibale Genetics


Perfect Tree seeds confirmed again among the best cannabis seeds of 2023

Perfect Tree, new Spanish Cannabis seed bank based in Barcelona. Perfect Tree’s team of geneticists produces regular and feminized seeds of select strains mostly sourced from Spain, Holland and California itself, such as Humboldt County. Despite being seeds produced from the restricted use of genetic fathers, the quality of the flowers continues to be among the most sought after in Europe!

We are proud to be able to host the seeds of this new brand, having tried them in person we know how much it deserves to try to buy Peach Tree Cannabis seeds, obviously for collecting purposes only!

Rotten Apple

Rotten Apple Feminized is a very resinous variety of hybrid Cannabis, coming from the cross between a female of Lemon Butter Cream by Alien Genetics, and another female of JET A by Exotic Genetix. It produces wonderful purplish colors at the end of flowering, leaves and flowers, especially when exposed to low temperatures. Sweet and fruity taste, slightly acidic reminiscent of a green apple. Cannabis seed variety perfect for making extracts with an impressive taste.

We have used this variety to make new 2023 crosses, so keep following us to find out more!

Rotten Apple Perfect Tree

Rotten Apple Feminized – Perfect Tree


Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd Feminized is another great crossing by Perfect Tree, deriving from a spectacular cross between a selected female of Melonade and another female of Jet A, from seeds produced by the legendary Exotic Genetix seed bank.

This Indica/Sativa hybrid fully expresses exotic colors and a wonderful bouquet of lemon and candy, vaguely resembling the famous Sour Diesel.

We have used this genetic quality to obtain extraordinary new genetics with a high percentage of THC and terpenes.. stay tuned to find out more!


Super Sativa Seed Club… again!

Super Sativa Seed Club is one of the first Dutch cannabis seed banks, born in the early 80s in a pleasant and reliable family business. Over the years, Super Sativa Seed Club has been recognized as one of the best cannabis seed banks in the world, with dozens of authentic and widely established strains, becoming a mainstay of the cannabis industry.

If you’re looking for cannabis seed strains that will impress you in 2023, the recommended strains below will leave you wanting more!


Golden Apple Haze

Derived from the legendary cross between an Old School Haze x Apple Pie, Golden Apple Haze is undoubtedly one of our favorite plants, and makes the list of the best cannabis seed strains 2023!

We have used a special phenotype to recreate Cannabis seeds with a strong taste of green apple and incense in the upcoming 2023 limited edition!

Golden Apple Haze Super Sativa Seed Club

Golden Apple Haze – Super Sativa Seed Club


Creeper Auto

Creeper Autoflowering is a wonderful new automatic variety from Super Sativa house, one of the best Autoflowering Cannabis Seed Varieties of 2023 selected by the Anibale Seedshop Team!

We have selected a special phenotype to recreate autoflowering Cannabis Ruderalis seeds in the upcoming 2023 limited edition!


DNA Genetics has the best Cannabis Seeds of 2023!

DNA Genetics is one of the most famous Cannabis 2023 seed banks in the world, capable of producing seeds in Holland, and marketing its flowers in various parts of the United States, becoming one of the reference points for the most demanding growers. Here is the latest news available here!

Chocolope DNA Genetics
Chocolope – DNA Genetics


24K Gold

24K Gold Feminized is a perfect example of quality Cannabis taken to extreme potency! From the cross of an original Kosher Kush x Tangie, this is an exotic cannabis seed variety ready to please the new customers of 2023! Nothing short of delicious flavour, potent THC…everything you are looking for is right here!

We have used this seed variety to create new Oldschool flavored Cannabis hybrids, stay tuned to find out more!

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush Feminized by DNA Genetics is nothing new, but still deserves to be mentioned in the list of the best cannabis seed strains of 2023!

kosher kush - dna genetics
Kosher Kush Feminized – DNA Genetics


Grand Daddy Purp Genetics: a quality Guarancy!

Grand Daddy Purple Seeds is one of the most famous, known and sold American Cannabis seed banks in the world. Like DJ Short for his Blueberry, they too entered the Cannabis Hall of Fame by creating the world famous Grandaddy Purple!

With a high layer of aromatic resin with purplish hues, this cannabis seed variety is in the Top 10 Cannabis Seeds of all time!

Grandaddy Purple Grand Daddy Purp

Grandaddy Purple Feminized – Grand Daddy Purp Genetics



Candyland Feminized, a great classic revisited with great style and in a feminized form. The price might discourage novices, but those who have taken the decisive step know the difference well!

Bay Lotus

This variety of Marijuana seeds is recommended for those wishing to try to hybridize new varieties of Cannabis using the mother and father of Bay Lotus. Simply a unique variety thanks to its genetic lineage!

420 Fast Buds: Some of the Best Cannabis Seed Strains of 2023!

420 Fast Buds is a guarantee when it comes to American weed. With one of the sales records in the entire cannabis seed market in the world, this United States of America seed bank has only been born in the last few years, astonishing everyone.

Mimosa Cake Auto 420 Fast Buds
Mimosa Cake Auto – 420 Fast Buds


Gorilla Cookies Auto

Gorilla Cookies Auto is the big autoflowering novelty of this year, and it is only right to mention it in the best Cannabis Seed Varieties of 2023 due to its extremely unique characteristics that make it the perfect automatic plant for Outdoor / Guerrilla cultivation!

Bright colors, acid and sweet flavors with overwhelming aromas.. and a level of thc that is simply out of the ordinary!

Cinderella Auto

Cinderella Auto is a “new” selected Oldschool strain of old Dutch Cannabis! This is the original version of the Cinderella phenotype known worldwide since the 90’s!

Barney’s Farm Has The Best Cannabis Seed Strains 2023!

Barneys Farm is one of the oldest, most prestigious and most reliable Dutch Marijuana seed banks, based in central Amsterdam, we couldn’t forget it in this fantastic list of the 20 best cannabis seed strains of 2023! In fact, every year his team of geneticists selects, crosses and develops new hemp seeds of the highest quality, with high quality and genetic reliability!

Runtz Muffin Barney's Farm

Runtz Muffin Feminized – Barney’s Farm


Gelato #45

Gelato #45 Feminized is one of the most purchased cannabis seed varieties in the world in 2023! Spicy, sweet, decisive and intense aromas and flavours. Particular attention should be paid to the thick layer of resin that this cannabis strain develops under the right conditions. Highly recommended!


Mimosa x Orange Punch

The Mimosa x Orange Punch Feminized by Barney’s Farm is another splendid new variety of Cannabis 2023, suitable to be enjoyed in company as in front of a film. The effect is well balanced, with very high THC peaks and a very sensational sativa high!

Mimosa X Orange Punch Barneys Farm
Mimosa x Orange Punch – Barney’s Farm

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree Feminized by Barney’s Farm is a Cannabis hybrid deriving from the cross between a Lemon Skunk and the original Sour Diesel, suitable to be grown by everyone, which is literally depopulating in Dutch coffee shops, Spanish Cannabis Social Clubs, US dispensaries and everywhere Is Marijuana legal.

Its effect is strong and well balanced, but its velvety taste is decidedly gourmet, that is, what a demanding grower would like to have in his collection of the best cannabis seed varieties of 2023!

We have personally used two different phenotypes in 2022 of this cannabis seed variety to create unique genetics such as Wedding Tree F1, Lemon Chemcake F1 and more..


Watermelon Zkittlez Auto

Watermelon Zkittlez Auto by Barneys Farm is a new cross of Cannabis ruderalis that best represents what can be a grower’s paradise of sweet and fast Autoflowering Cannabis seeds!

We are using these seeds to produce incredible strains that pack the best genes in the world… stay tuned to find out more!

Watermelon Zkittlez Auto Barneys Farm

Watermelon Zkittlez Auto – Barney’s Farm


Bodhi Seeds… one of the best Cannabis seedbanks of 2023!

Bodhi Seeds Company is one of our favorite Marijuana seed banks, competing in the US market and offering great new things at great prices in this list of best cannabis seed strains of 2023!

Working almost exclusively with landrace landrace varieties and great U.S. classics. in clone, i.e. with original phenotypes, each variety of seeds produced by this bench is simply phenomenal!

Pinball Wizard

With a genetic background like Pinball Wizard‘s, you just have to sit back and wait for the results! These Cannabis seeds are the result of a precious cross between the Super Silver Haze and the fantastic Wookie #15, American and Dutch cultivars capable of making any grower’s mouth water!

We are using these seeds to produce incredible strains that pack the best genes in the world… stay tuned to find out more!

Terpenado - Bodhi Seeds

Terpenado – Bodhi Seeds


Phone Home

Phone Home is one of the best Cannabis Seed Strains 2023…simply phenomenal! Classic Californian style, outrageous smell and taste, and huge sticky crystals await the most daredevil grower!

Green House Seeds is also reconfirmed in 2023!

Green House Seeds is the most awarded cannabis seedbank in the famous High Times of Amsterdam: every year its Coffee Shop wins place after place, almost on a par with Barney’s Farm. Spectacular genetics such as Super Lemon Haze, Super Silver Haze, The Church and more have been created by this world-famous bank – find out what they have to offer in 2023!

Wonder Pie Green House Seeds

Wonder Pie Feminized – Green House Seeds


Pulp Friction

Pulp Friction Feminized is a new pleasant discovery produced by Green House Seeds in 2023. From the crossing of Melonade x Kong’s Krush, these Cannabis seeds develop plants with exotic colors and an incredibly sweet and spicy aroma, but with a marked earthy Kush aftertaste. Simply phenomenal!

Persian Pie

Persian Pie Feminized is one of the best cannabis seed strains of 2023, fruit of Lemon Tree from USA x Banana Krumble by Green House Seeds. Strong aroma of sweet banana and ripe fruit with a powerful kush undertone. Massive production and stellar trichomes, highly recommended!

Persian Pie Green House Seeds

Persian Pie – Green House Seeds

Humboldt Seed Company is on the list!

Humboldt Seed Co. or HSC, is one of the most purchased cannabis seed banks in the world. Based in Humboldt County, the geneticist owner selects only the best plants in the area, skillfully crossing and stabilizing the best genes, even going beyond the eighth generation of stabilization.

Cannabis seedbank highly recommended for those who have been looking for the best Californian genetics in the United States for a long time!

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake feminized is a sweet and very particular cultivar with simply unique characteristics! With a marked creamy and sugary taste of sweet strawberry, we too are using this seed variety to recreate terpenic bouquet sensations!


You may have already understood that Pistachio is a truly particular variety: with a classic aroma of pistachio, walnut and hazelnut, this 2023 Cannabis seed variety best expresses a complex terpene mix worthy of the best connoisseurs!

Pistachio Humboldt Seed Company

Pistachio Feminized – Humboldt Seed Company

Bonus: 5 Cannabis Seeds “Annibale Genetics” 2023 that will amaze you!

Our Seed Bank “Annibale Genetics” also deserves to enter the list of the best cannabis seed strains 2023 as a bonus, having created some very special crosses in a short time.

Starting from a continuous, researched and accurate selection of top quality weed plants made by Davide, the owner and geneticist, Annibale Genetics is starting to make itself known between Europe and the United States.

Buy Annibale Genetics 2023 Cannabis Seeds, and find your favorite flavor!

Lemon Zkittly F1 Annibale Genetics

Lemon Zkittly F1 – Annibale Genetics


Mix GDP Hybrids

Here is a fantastic new mix of 2023 Cannabis seeds by Annibale Genetics ready for you! What you have before you is not a simple collection of Marijuana seeds, but it is the regular mix of original Grand Daddy Purple Hybrids coming from California and subsequently preserved and crossed by Annibale Genetics for you, expressing the best of Cali characteristics!

Quasar f1 - Annibale Genetics (2)

Mix Hybrids GDP – Annibale Genetics


Wedding Cake Auto Regular

Wedding Cake Auto Regular by Annibale Genetics is a lady plant of Cannabis Ruderalis. Coming from the selection of Wedding Cake U.S.A., this genetics offers the best of the genetic characteristics that today’s Cannabis can offer: massive production of thick and heavy flowers, sweet and creamy, and with a thick mantle of trichomes suitable for greedy productions!

The result of a cross with the original Wedding Cake x Secret Ruderalis (coming from Top Tao Seeds), we are sure that these Cannabis seeds will literally drive you crazy!


Mix Regular Fast #1

Mix of regular and fast 2023 Cannabis seeds, obtained by crossing regular plants with resistant, productive and very, very fast autoflowering plants!


Regular Mix 2 Annibale Genetics

Mix #2 Regular – Annibale Genetics


Sweet Big Bud Auto

From the crossing of a Super Bud Oldschool x Secret Ruderalis we managed to obtain a regular autoflowering crossing that is nothing short of exquisite: we are talking about the brand new Sweet Big Bud Autoflowering!


Jack Cloudwalker F1

Without a doubt, we are proud to say that our Jack Cloudwalker F1 is the cannabis seed variety (although not 2023) that develops the most colorful plants in our entire catalogue, offering the grower simply breathtaking genetic characteristics!

Customers report that the plants appear to grow very quickly, with heights to be very much under control when grown indoors. The flowers are extremely powerful and colourful, with a distinctive aroma of exotic fruit such as papaya, mango and coconut capable of passing the plastic bag, and becoming extremely dangerous on the street. A phenomenal 90% Sativa cultivar!


Jack Cloudwalker F1 Annibale Genetics (1)

Jack Cloudwalker F1 – Annibale Genetics


Wonderlemon Hashplant F1

Wonderlemon Hashplant F1 is simply a new piece in our most valuable Limited Edition seed collection. Produced by crossing the original Lemon Tree by Barney’s Farm, a certain phenotype with a sweet sour lemon chewing gum taste, and a male of our Mountain Hashplant F1, with American Chemdawg ancestry.

The result is a plant capable of maintaining the original taste of the mother, but at the same time increasing the production of resin and terpenes, making this 2022 weed variety pungent and decidedly balsamic.

Wonderlemon Hashplant F1 Annibale Genetics

Wonderlemon Hashplant F1 – Annibale Genetics


And that’s all for this article on the 20 best cannabis seed strains of 2023, we hope to have been of help to you, see you in the next article!

Greetings from the Annibale Seedshop Team!


Davide V, CEO, Founder & Geneticist