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fase germinazione nella pianta di cannabis marijuana canapa

The Germination Stage of Cannabis Plant – Blog

The Germination Phase on Marijuana Plants

Welcome to this new article from the “Cannabis Growing Manual” dedicated to the germination stage of Cannabis plant! In the last article we explored How to grow a cannabis plant like a master, and how to germinate a Marijuana seed! Today we will find out what the germination phase of Marijuana plants is and the optimal growing conditions for this delicate phase of development!

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Germination Stage of Cannabis Plant

The Marijuana Germination Phase, similar to the Cloning (or Cutting) Phase, is the most delicate phase for any plant, including the Cannabis plant. Therefore, buying excellent seeds alone will not guarantee a profitable harvest – extreme attention must be paid to what the plant needs at this early stage.

If temperature and humidity play a fundamental role, so do the nutrients, the right lamp and the total absence of currents. In fact, it is very likely that if even one of the parameters is not set optimally, the plant could die or suffer severe stress. A drastic slowdown in plant growth or the onset of leaf deformation can be symptoms of this initial type of stress.

It is therefore essential that, before opening the seed package, the cultivation equipment has already been purchased and is fully available: each tool will be meticulously listed on these pages.

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1st Rule of Germination: always record the parameters

It is essential to have purchased all the tools necessary to detect the environmental parameters of cultivation.

Generally, a simple and trivial thermohygrometer will suffice for newbies to marijuana cultivation.

If, on the other hand, you are a little more experienced, the advice is to get a PH and EC tester, which can be purchased in any growshop at low prices (mandatory tool if you work in hydroponics).

For patients, researchers, geneticists or wholesalers: having some information on CO2 delivery systems could be very useful!

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Temperature and humidity in the germination phase of hemp seeds

Each cannabis seed has a life of its own, just like us humans; and that is why it is not possible to guarantee a single parameter for each seed. Each strain responds to unique and exclusive environmental conditions and parameters, traceable only in its genetic composition.

In principle we could say that almost all Cannabis seeds germinate in a temperature range of 15 ° -28 ° (18 ° -21 ° is the optimal parameter), and in a humidity range of 55% – 98.5 %.

A classic germination kit (also perfect for cloning) is the best tool to guarantee the right parameters without exposing the plants to possible changes in temperature.

Annibale Seedshop germination stage cannabis marijuana (3)

PH of the irrigation water in the Germination phase of Marijuana seeds

The pH of the water with which we will irrigate or fertilize our cannabis plants is an important parameter.

It can be measured in several ways, but if we want to be as accurate as possible we have to use a specific digital meter for PH (same thing for EC). The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, where 0 is the most acidic value and 14 the most alkaline (or basic): 7 is considered neutral.

There are three values ​​that are important to know before trying to correct the pH of the earth.
1) The pH of the irrigation water
2) The pH of the water itself after adding fertilizers or stimulators
3) The pH value of the earth.

In the germination phase of cannabis, the optimal pH in hydroponic (or aeroponic) crops should be around 5.8 – 6.0.
In the Hemp Germination phase, the optimal pH in soil crops must be around 6.2; for pure coconut fiber crops, the tinned pH in this delicate phase is about 5.8 / 6.3

Annibale Seedshop fase germinazione paianta cannabis ph (1)

EC of irrigation water in the germination phase of Hemp

EC, or electrical conductivity, is another measure that helps us determine the amount of minerals present in irrigation water.
The more nutrients present in the irrigation water, the higher the EC reading of the waste water will be in the EC test.
When germinating cannabis, the EC must be between a minimum of 0.6 and a maximum of 0.9.

Grow lamps for Cannabis germination phase

Is it possible to germinate cannabis seeds with 600w MH lamps? Yes. But at best it would be a profound waste of electricity. In the worst case, the light could be so powerful as to be counterproductive to the very health of young plants, which could suffer a slowdown in growth (as they could die dried or dehydrated).

The best choice is to have a special lamp suitable for the germination and cloning phase of cannabis plants.
Even simple white light neons might be fine if you are growing around 4 plants, however our advice is to buy a CFL lamp (6400 ° K white spectrum).

The first time you try to grow cannabis it is very likely that the seedlings will not exceed the first month of life, but you will not have to give up: over time you will get the right experience. Read our article on “Light and Cannabis: Sun or Grow Lamp?” and “Best Indoor Cannabis Grow Lights” to find out more!

Ideal substrate for the germination of the Hemp plant

There is no optimal substrate for germinating cannabis seeds, however it is essential that:

the chosen soil is not strongly acidic (5.2-6.8 PH are the standard parameters);
is not rich in mineral nutrients (due to residues from previous crops). Too many nutrients at this stage would kill the young plant;
that it is a sufficiently draining soil, but which at the same time can remain sufficiently moist;
that it is light and airy.

If you haven’t already, we recommend that you take a look at our article on “Substrates for grow cannabis in pots vs hydroponics, and in more detail “Best substrate for growing Marijuana

8 Common mistakes in the Germination stage of Cannabis plant

The nine main causes of failure of novice growers are:

  • Waiting for the seeds to germinate too long;
  • Allow the substrate surface to dry;
  • Sprouting cannabis seeds directly in pots or on the ground at the wrong depth;
  • An environmental condition of unsuitable temperature and humidity;
  • Planting the seed in the wrong location;
  • Having planted two or more seeds in the same pot;
  • Keep the lights too low or too high;
  • Continuous handling of seeds before, during and after germination.

Read our article on “How to germinate a Marijuana Seed” to find out more!

Annibale Seedshop germination stage cannabis marijuana

And for this article on the germination phase of Cannabis plants is all, we are waiting for you at our new article about Defoliation and Lollipop Technique in Cannabis Plants!

Keep following us, a greeting from the Annibalel Seedshop Team!


Davide, CEO, Founder and Geneticist